March 2023 Meeting

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog!

Our March 2023 Meeting took place on March 11th around 2pm. The initial plan was to work on the EmComm trailer, but the weather disagreed with us earlier in the day.

For the first hour in the hopes that the weather would ease up, we stayed in the meeting room and spoke with Richard KE0QYA from the Sedalia Pettis Amateur Radio Klub about ham radio license testing, Echolink, repeater reach, and more.

After that first hour, we all headed out to work on the EmComm trailer. What we were able to do was limited because of the mud, but we got a game plan in place for what needed to be cleaned up, hooked up, and drilled through. Our first order of business: getting the mobile repeater set up!

Work on the EmComm trailer will continue through the next few months, though hopefully with better weather!

Thank you to KE0QYA, KF6DRH, KD0WXT, K7HEP, KF0KRS, and KF0KRV for coming out to the first in-person Benton County ARES meeting of 2023!

73 everybody! KE0LMZ, clear.

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