What is the EC and an AEC?

The Emergency Coordinator (EC) is the person responsible for the ARES group at the local level. Their job is to work with local community officials, the Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), and other field appointees to lead their local ARES group through the planning, preparedness, and response phases.

The Assistant Emergency Coordinator (AEC) is responsible for helping the EC in ARES duties, either by being somewhere the EC can’t be due to the laws of physics or by doing things that the EC doesn’t know how to do. An ARES group may have multiple AECs, but it will only ever have one EC.

The Benton County, MO ARES EC is Stephen Swerline KF6DRH. The BC MO ARES AEC is Renee Cason KE0LMZ.

Emergency Coordinator Stephen Swerline KF6DRH
Assistant Emergency Coordinator Renee Cason KE0LMZ

Samantha Henley KE0LMY
Scott Lawson N0PCT
Nick Camirand KE0NIL

Roger Henley KD0WXT
Sandy Crane AE0DU
Terry Crane W0ABD
Alex Cason KE0YGT

Joe Barnett KE0WLB
Jason Wood KC0KWL

W. B. (Bill) Hull KD0CTV
Earlene Hull KD0CTW
Raymond Williams KC5RQT
Linda Viebrock KE0FNI
Barry Pabst KE0FNJ

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