Weekly Net Script

Benton County, MO ARES Weekly Net Script

Pre-net (two minutes before the net)

This is (callsign) _____________. The Benton County ARES net will begin in approximately TWO minutes. All stations, please standby.

(At 7 pm Local Time)

This is (callsign) __________, Net Control Operator for the Benton County Amateur Radio Emergency Service net. My name is __________ and I am located in (city) ______________. This net meets every Sunday evening at 7 pm local time. The purpose of this net is to provide training, test repeater coverage, and promote cooperation among our amateur radio community.

Any emergency or priority traffic will be handled immediately during this net. I will now break for any emergency traffic — emergency traffic only, please call now.

(If there is no emergency traffic, say “Nothing heard.” and continue.)

If you need to pass emergency traffic at any time during this net, please notify Net Control and your traffic will be handled immediately.  This is a directed net. Please do not transmit unless acknowledged by Net Control. During the net, please direct all communication through Net Control, (callsign) ___________. This net is open to any licensed amateur radio operator who would like to participate.

Please remember that if this repeater is not operational at the time of the net, we will hold the net on the 147.480 simplex.

At this time, we will break for announcements.

(Net Control Announcements:)

Announcement one: The next meeting of the Benton County ARES will be held on (date of next meeting) at 10 AM at the Benton County 911 building located behind the water tower at 1231 Hirsch Pkwy, Warsaw, MO 65355. Talk in will be available on the 146.925 repeater. Please check our Zoom tab on the bentoncountyares.org website or the pinned post on the Benton County, MO ARES Facebook page to find the link to our Zoom room and the dates accompanying them.

Announcement two: Please remember that there is a 3-second delay when keying and unkeying the mic for EchoLink.  Please allow for the delay before you begin transmitting!  Thank you to D.A.R.K. Dam Amateur Radio Klub for the upkeep of EchoLink and the Benton County, MO Emergency Management Agency for the upkeep on the 146.925 repeater.

Are there any other stations on the net with announcements? If so, please call Net Control now.

(Acknowledge any stations and allow stations to make their announcements.)

When called for check-in, please provide your callsign, first alphabetically, then phonetically, your name, your location, and whether you have any traffic for the net.

-Short-time, mobile check-ins, and in-and-outs

(Acknowledge stations individually and ask for traffic for the net. If they call in as in-and-outs, they have no comments; acknowledge them and move on.  Repeat the call for check-ins until there are no more. Don’t forget to ID every ten minutes. Go out once more for any additional check-ins. Once you receive no other check-ins proceed with the following:)

I will now close this session of the Benton County ARES net. Thank you to everyone who participated in this evening’s net.  This is (callsign) _________, closing the net at ______ pm local time with _______ check-ins and returning the repeater to regular amateur use. 73!

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