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Download Radiogram [431.16 KB]

Instructions for Verbal Transmission of ARRL Radiogram:

“Please copy my number: 1, Routine, HX Golf, (your call sign), Check number (does not include your signature or callsign), (your location), (time), (Date). Going to (your addressee) and (amateur call sign if any), figures (address), phone figures (phone number), break for text.”
*Now wait for the receiving station to say “go with text”, plus this allows them any fills they might need of the preamble information or any needed fills of information of the addressee.
When they say, “go with text,” read your message word for word at writing speed, any tough words use phonetics. The number of words should match the (check) in the preamble. ARL Message codes are always phonetically spelled out. One number character per box. Ex. ARL Fifty Six would be 3 words. When done delivering your text to receiving station say, “Break for Signature”.
*Wait for receiving station to ask for fills, or say, “go with signature”.
Give signature of message sender, amateur call sign if applicable and say “end message number one, how copy?”
The receiving station will acknowledge your message number one and say “thanks for the traffic” ending with their call sign. You can reply by saying “thank you for taking it” and end with your call sign so net control knows the message has been passed and you both are finished.

Additional resource:  ARRL Message Handling instructions

Download ARRL Message Handling Instructions [31.53 KB]

Word list adopted by the International Telecommunication Union

The RST system

Additional Resources

Winlink website (includes downloadable program, walk through videos, and trouble-shooting)

RMS Express Winlink in EMCOMM PowerPoint Instructional Guide

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ARES Field Resource Manual

K9ATK and KD0AOE’s Operating on a Repeater Guide https://www.bentoncountyares.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Pro-words-for-Messages.pdf

FEMA NIMS ICS Form Booklet

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