October 2021 ARES Meeting

Hey everyone, KE0LMZ here!

This month’s meeting attendees were EC Stephen Swerline KF6DRH, AEC Renee Cason KE0LMZ, Samantha Henley KE0LMY, Roger Henley KD0WXT, and Alex Cason KE0YGT.

This month’s meeting started inside of the Benton County 911 building with some discussion. A handful of the topics talked about were upcoming events (including ones scheduled all the way into July 2022!), encouraging participation from existing members, and finding ways to draw in new members!

After an hour of discussion, the members of the BC MO ARES headed outside to work in the Benton County Emergency Communications trailer and familiarize themselves with the equipment on the trailer. Plans were made to take the EmComm trailer out to get lettered by Tightwad Tees and to get the mobile repeater set up and programmed in the next few weeks!

As always, feel free to come to our monthly meetings, which are open to the public! Unless canceled ahead of time, they take place at 1231 Hirsch Parkway, Warsaw, MO 65355 at 10am to 12pm.

73 everybody! KE0LMZ, clear.

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